CBD Vape Cartridges and CBD E-Liquid! Solventless, Terpene-Based, and VG/PG-Free!

CBD Vape Cartridges and CBD E-Liquid!

Handmade, Small-Batch, Solventless, Terpene-Based, and VG/PG-Free!

Available for Personal Enjoyment, In Bulk, and Wholesale!

We create a lot of things, both for ourselves, as well as for customers that just happen to need a solution.  Sometimes the product is our idea, which we try to always keep it, a lot of times, individuals and businesses contact us for products because of the OilWell CBD name, and people knowing that we’ll create and deliver great things for them and their customers, very flexibly.  Lately, there have been at least a couple of calls, per day, about people looking for Bulk CBD E-Liquid and will either request a custom formulation or provide some parameters within which they’d like their product to be created.

  • There’s been a lot of talk and hype about risks associated by consuming items like these.  We feel like we offer a different solution that is much safer and contains none of those crazy chemicals.
  • We use pure and natural and, often, strain-specific Cannabis terpenes because of how nicely they infused with our solventless concentrates and the positive, predictable, and consistently-reproducible physiological effects, which are WONDERFUL to be able to target.  We use these instead of PG, VG, etc.  We are proud to have purely cannabinoid vape e-liquid options.
  • Our shatter/rosin, which is mixed with our strain-specific terpenes is hand-extracted from premium hemp flower using solventless heat and pressure hardware, by hand!
  • We provide compliant full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate options.
  • We’re happy to help you with package design or assist in any way in private-labeling/white-labeling any of our VAPE juice and E-Eliquids.
  • Our ceramic cartridges reduce the risk of heavy metals and other contaminants from cheap cartridges.

We are able to produce this Vape E Juice in bulk, in case you want to fill your own carts or we can offer you a selection of mouth-pieces, including ceramic, and have access to wholesale pricing on disposable vape-pens and vape-batteries.

Let us know!

We appreciate you very much and are ready to work and give you a custom-quote, immediately.

Our company focuses on creating amazing and safe products, first.  We are not a corner-cutting offshore manufacturer.  A lot of personal love and cair goes into everything that we make!

Appreciate your consideration!