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Oil Well CBD Montrose / River Oaks NEW LOCATION! 1735 Westheimer Rd Suite C Houston, TX 77098

Hemp CBD Biomass 100,000-125,000 Pounds (lbs) with ~10% CBD Available!

CBD Hemp Biomass and Hemp Fibre Biomass from Our Portland Hemp Farm Available. 100,000 lbs - 125,000 lbs Available!

Hemp CBD Biomass: 100,000-125,000 Pounds With ~10% CBD Available! Our Colorado hemp CBD farm produces the most beautiful flowers. But after the flowers are cultivated, the seeds, stalks, and leaves are also an excellent source of CBD. Oil Well CBD has from 100,000 to 125,000 pounds of ~10% hand-shucked hemp available for purchase for use […]

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

How Much CBD Should I give my Pet CBD for dogs

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet? Because studies on CBD are still being done, many veterinary clinics are not able to prescribe full-spectrum CBD in place of, or alongside, pharmaceutical medications. Because full-spectrum CBD is primarily considered a wellness supplement, dosing schedules and amounts are largely up to you, the pet owner. You […]