CBD and Autism, Houston

Research on possible benefits of CBD and Autism by OilWell CBD of Houston, TX

Cannabinol (CBD) is currently being researched as a possible treatment option for Autism. Due to legal and financial hurdles in the United States, clinical studies are only just beginning to emerge. In one compelling study out of Israel, led by the director of pediatric neurology at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital, Dr. Adi Aran, 60 Autistic children were treated with CBD oil containing 20% CBD and 1% THC. 80% of parents of the children who participated reported a decrease in problematic behaviors, while 62% reported significant improvements. Half of the children showed marked improvements in communication, and many patients reported significant decreases in anxiety levels. Because of the high numbers of people affected with Autism – about 1% of the population – combined with the fact that the causes are unknown, having a new potential treatment option is groundbreaking not only because of the relative lack of side effects compared to current treatments, but also because it leads us one step closer to understanding the disorder. 

Common Signs of Autism:

  • Being upset by even minor changes in routine
  • Trouble making eye contact
  • Severe reactions to sounds, touch, taste, sight, and smell tastes (May indicate sensory processing disorder, which can be a co-existing condition)
  • Hand flapping, tics, or rocking.
  • Difficulty processing or understanding other people’s emotions
  • Ongoing obsession with specific topics

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Autism

Even with the lack of clinical research, many people with Autism are supplementing with CBD due to anecdotal reports of improvements on symptoms such as repetitive behaviors, appetite, aggression, difficulty sleeping, and social and emotional reciprocity. It should also be noted that CBD has been clinically shown to treat some forms of epilepsy wherein about 25% of sufferers are also on the Autism spectrum, and about a third of people on the Autism spectrum also suffer from seizures, leading to speculations about crossover between treatment options. 

There have been some research studies that concluded fecal transplants significantly improved symptoms in patients with autism. Some people theorize the reason why CBD has anecdotally been shown to improve symptoms of autism is because it has a positive impact on the serotonin receptors in the gut. We look forward to sharing new research and clinical studies with our customers when they are published. 

Why OilWell CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

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