Hemp CBD Biomass 100,000-125,000 Pounds (lbs) with ~10% CBD Available!

CBD Hemp Biomass and Hemp Fibre Biomass from Our Portland Hemp Farm Available. 100,000 lbs - 125,000 lbs Available!

Hemp CBD Biomass 100,000-125,000 Pounds (lbs) with ~10% CBD Available!

Our Oregon hemp CBD farm produces some of the most beautiful CBD flower around, especially with respect to outdoor-grown hemp flower.  As our end-customers, distributors, and wholesalers expect nothing but the most beautiful tops, bigs, and middles, we have some pretty amazing middles/smalls, and combined hand-shucked hemp CBD available!  We’ll always have it available but, for now, we have between 100,000 lbs and 125,000 lbs of hemp biomass available.

High-grade biomass is great for making hemp CBD oils for pre-rolls, human food, fibre, fabrics, energy and fuel, tinctures, cosmetics, animal feed, textiles, medicine.

For smaller purchases, we’re looking for $20.00-$30.00 per lb.  For much larger purchases, we can work out bulk hemp biomass discounts.

Located where our farm is, there is very little mold.  Purchasing biomass from us comes directly from our farm.  We’re not brokering or middle-manning deals.

Contact us to learn more or to place an order, today!