Houston Wholesale & Bulk Hemp CBD Flower & Wholesale Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls

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Houston Wholesale & Bulk Hemp CBD Flower & Wholesale Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls

We get a lot of calls asking if we carry hemp CBD flower or where in Houston people can buy CBD flower and CBD Pre-Rolls.  The following should answer most people’s questions about how and where we distribute our 100% legal 0.3% THC (or lower) hemp CBD flower around Houston.

Oil Well CBD sells wholesale & bulk CBD flower and CBD flower pre-rolls (hemp) and ships Nationwide, where we are legally allowed to.  Our wholesale & bulk CBD hemp flower and pre-rolls are sold by the pound (lb) and, as with anything else, the more of it you buy, the more money you save.  If you are looking for less than a pound (lb), call us, any time, and we can arrange for one of our distributors arrange delivery to you, wherever you are in Houston and surrounding areas such as Katy, Kingwood, Bellaire, The Heights, Montrose, Royal Oaks, The Woodlands, Pearland, Baytown, Port Arthur, Sugar Land, Richmond/Rosenberg, Cypress, and other areas.  Looking for someone to partner with to distribute CBD hemp flower?  Let us know and we’d love to talk about providing customer-ready and wholesale & bulk quantities.

  • Generally speaking, a pound of CBD flower can range from $800.00-$1000.00, retail, and even less with quantity.
  • CBD hemp flower runs in different trim-levels such as untrimmed, hand-trimmed, machine-trimmed, mixed, and in “shake”, depending on the customers’ preference.
  • The CBD levels in our CBD flower and CBD flower pre-rolls typically contain about 20% CBD.
  • We always have different strains available with different terpene (smell and flavor) profiles.
  • Our hemp CBD flower can be used as an end-product (inhalable) or can be used to create extracts for other products and bio-mass requirements.
  • Some of our partner-customers want help with things like logo creation, label printing, packaging, bar-coding, and even developing their own brands.  We love helping because when you win, we win!
  • We have many wholesale/bulk CBD hemp flower options for those looking to make larger purchases or distribute larger orders in smaller pieces.
  • Our hemp CBD flower is cultivated and third-party tested for compliance in Colorado, before being distributed in Houston, surrounding areas, and other States where we are legally able to.
  • We do bulk CBD hemp flower pre-rolls in bulk, as well.  Many people are looking for a turn-key way to enjoy our flower.  Pre-rolls are a fast and easy way to get CBD relief quickly and achieve higher sales as a wholesaler/distributor.  Our wholesale CBD flower pre-rolls are generally sold in packs of 10 and we prefer to sell a minimum of 10 CBD pre-roll packs of 10 pre-rolls at a time.

Contact us with your requirements and we will put together a wholesale and/or bulk CBD hemp flower package for you.