Tobaccoless Hemp CBD Shisha for Hookahs and CBD as a Shisha Additive!

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Many people are interested in creating their own innovative CBD offerings. Shisha is one example of a product that has been around for centuries but can be reinvigorated and made “new” by adding CBD. Shisha with CBD can revitalize your business in establishments such as hookah lounges, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, and OilWell CBD can make it easy for you to turn your ideas into reality.  We offer CBD shisha as a stand-alone product as well as offer CBD and other cannabinoids in custom configurations for adding to your existing shisha blend!

OilWell CBD supplies CBD products that are ideal for adding to Shisha since they won’t alter your existing shisha product’s taste, aroma, or experience.

Whether you are a shisha novice looking to diversify your CBD intake or you own a hookah bar and are looking for a reputable CBD supplier, Oil Well is all-inclusive.

Shisha: a Brief History 

Shisa – also known as hookah, argileh, narghile, Goza, and hubble-bubble – is more than just a way to smoke tobacco or alternative herbal products. It’s a cultural experience and a social one as well. You’ll typically see Shisha consumed in lounges, among friends, and the ritual of smoking has almost as much to do with conversations and connectedness as the way the physical product makes you feel. These days, people are even enjoying the shisha experience in their own homes using their own hookahs or water pipes.

The first hookah likely dates back to 16th century India eventually became part of the Persian culture in the 17th century, migrated to Turkey in the 18th century and spread to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East by the 19th century. While hookah began to show social status among members of high society, it eventually became more egalitarian, particularly in Egypt, where adding flavors to tobacco dramatically increased its popularity. Hookah lounges and cafes were built to accommodate all of the people who were clamoring to partake in the ritual.

Today, the Hookah industry has gained popularity as some cafe owners and entrepreneurs have sought to make improvements to the product and the experience of smoking it. It’s trendy now because it’s seen as a more acceptable way to burn and be a part of a community. It’s a way to be social, have fun, and try new things – especially since there are so many ways to flavor it and add ingredients to enhance the experience.

What is a Hookah, and How is it Used?

A hookah is a way to smoke substances like tobacco or tobacco-alternatives through vaporization. Its main components are a bowl, a smoke chamber, water, hoses, and pipes. The shisha ingredients are placed in the bowl, and coal is used to heat up those ingredients, while water works to vaporize it as it is drawn through the tubes and the pipes. 

Tobacco leaves are traditionally used in the Shisha, but there’s been a trend to move to healthier herbal ingredients since smoking tobacco through a hookah is only a bit less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. As hookah lounges are finding ways to make the experience healthier, they’re also experimenting with adding CBD to the Shisha.

Modernizing Shisha with the Therapeutic Effects of Adding CBD to Shisha

When the 2018 Farm Bill was passed – making hemp products legal as long as they contained less than 0.3% THC – the industry took off. It’s now believed that hemp-derived CBD can potentially be a $20 billion industry by 2024. Hookah lounge and cafe owners have been trying to innovate their products to please a customer base that is eager to try new things and often has a more healthy mindset. Owners of hookah lounges are looking for ways to make their products unique and competitive, and have been adding specialty flavors to their shisha menus.

And given the push for healthier alternatives to traditional smoking, the cafe owners have been open to adding CBD-infused Shisha to their menus.

How Smoking Tobaccoless Hemp Flower CBD Shisha Makes You Feel

There are many ways to use CBD products – including oils, tinctures, edibles, and topical treatments. But studies have shown that smoking or vaping CBD works to bring on the therapeutic effects more quickly than other methods.

When you smoke or vape CBD, the cannabinoids are rapidly absorbed by the bloodstream because they are sent directly to the lungs. Peak concentration in plasma takes place within three minutes after smoking. That means the effects are felt pretty quickly. A study by the NIH found that smoking is a rapid and efficient way to deliver the drug.

Smoking CBD won’t make you high but will leave you with a sense of relaxation, calm, and a general feeling of well-being. Smoking CBD may also make you feel happy or energetic, and could also relieve pain more quickly than when taken in other ways. The team at OilWell CBD tested out its own CBD Isolate at a local hookah lounge – adding 200mg of the product to the hookah shisha, and the effect was calming and centering. It also didn’t alter or affect the integrity of the shisha product itself.

Because there is always a health risk when using tobacco products, the introduction of herbal alternatives may provide an even healthier way to enjoy – and promote – the addition of CBD to Shisha. Some users have reported that using a CBD-infused herbal-based shisha lets you experience great flavor along with a relaxing feeling – all while avoiding the buzz, lightheadedness, dizziness that often accompanies tobacco use.

How CBD Affects Your Body

When you consume CBD – in any form – it affects your body and your brain. The human endocannabinoid system reacts not only with endocannabinoids produced by your body but also to external cannabinoids found in CBD. CBD indirectly impacts the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body by activating TRPV1 receptors that can control pain perception and inflammation. CBD can also increase the amount of a molecule called anandamide, which plays a role in motivation and pleasure. Simply put, CBD interacts with the ECS system in a way that brings about homeostasis – the ability for the body to maintain a relatively stable state despite external factors.

The National Institutes of Health conducted a study that showed how introducing external cannabinoids (like CBD) could interact with the ECS system to help treat a number of neurodegenerative diseases. According to the study, endocannabinoids could be promising for either protecting cells from disease or treating the symptoms of disease.

Is Smoking CBD Shisha Safe?

While the other ingredients in Shisha may determine if what you’re smoking is unhealthy (e.g., tobacco), CBD itself is safe. Side effects may include irritability, fatigue, or nausea, but that’s generally when CBD is overconsumed. Even if you enjoy the taste of tobacco in your Shisha, smoking tobacco with a hookah is slightly safer than smoking cigarettes. That’s because vaporization keeps the smoke cool enough to avoid combustion toxins.

You must also be aware of possible side effects when using CBD in addition to prescription or OTC medications. Please visit our FAQ page to learn about potential interactions, and always consult your doctor before supplementing with CBD.

CBD For Hookah Lounges: A Case Study

When the team at OilWell CBD visited the owner of a local hookah business, the proprietor was very intrigued by the idea of adding CBD to his shisha product. However, he was concerned that adding an ingredient might compromise the integrity of his existing product.

After smoking his Shisha with our CBD Isolate, he was pleased to find that adding CBD did not alter his product, and he was impressed by the calming effects produced by the addition of CBD.

The owner was also interested in giving his customers an option to buy a take-home shisha product, and we were able to work out a white-label wholesale CBD solution for him that included custom labels and branded packaging.

Since the owner also offers food and beverage at his lounge, we suggested that CBD Isolate would be an ideal way to create CBD-infused drinks, snacks, and desserts. CBD Isolate will not impart a “plant” taste to edibles, and it’s also the formulation that’s easiest to calculate for dosage. Isolate, along with water-soluble CBD and nano-CBD, are the CBD products we most often recommend for food and beverage infusions.

Should You Buy CBD Shisha for Your Hookah Lounge?

The 2018 legalization of hemp was the catalyst for a dramatic uptick in CBD interest. In April 2019, 6.4 million people searched Google for CBD, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stated later that year that they expected interest in CBD to continue.

In May 2020, a national prescription discount program, SingleCare, released a medically-reviewed survey of CBD usage and attitudes that revealed CBD use is most common in the 18-34-year-old age group. For hookah lounge owners looking to expand their customer base, adding CBD may be a promising way to increase business among a population group that’s open to new experiences and are already comfortable with CBD.

Cannabis/CBD has the potential to rejuvenate business and could be an ideal way to invigorate customer interest. Customers may also be looking for a new, healthier way to try flavored smoke since vaping is now seen as a risky or dangerous way to enjoy CBD. Tobacco-less Shisha infused with CBD may be the ideal product for hookah lounge owners who wish to promote a healthier experience.

And as we mentioned in the above case study, the option to sell at-home shisha products with CBD could be a potential game-changer for a hookah business since it’s a way to increase sales off-premise. Our white label program is an excellent way to build this extension of your business.

Buy High-Quality, Reputable CBD For Shisha

Nearly any hemp product can be added to Shisha, but we recommend our CBD Isolate, Water Soluble CBD, or Water Soluble CBD Isolate Nano Particle Powder because they will not alter the flavor or taste of your Shisha. They are also easier to use for dosing due to their CBD-purity.

Buy Tobacco-Free Hemp Flower CBD Shisha from Oil Well

If you don’t already have an existing shisha product and you’re looking for a way to promote a healthier way to smoke hookah, OilWell CBD has the all-in-one product you’re looking for!

Our CBD Hemp Flower Shisha contains:

  • ~18% CBD Decarboxylated Premium Hand-Trimmed CBD Hemp Flower
  • 99.99% Pure CBD Isolate
  • Molasses
  • Honey
  • 99.99% Pure Vegetable Glycerine
  • Cannabis Terpenes

OilWell CBD’s shisha product is available in a number of flavor profiles, including Natural (unflavored).

Bulk Discounts for Hookah Lounges and Avid Shisha Enthusiasts

At OilWell CBD, we work with a select group of established expert providers who can supply quality CBD products in bulk. Bulk purchasing leads to more significant price discounts, and we pass on those savings to you.

Bulk purchases are ideal for companies who want to create their own CBD products but are looking for a way to keep costs down. OilWell CBD can help you to get your product off the ground while also keeping prices in check. We can put together a detailed cost/profit model for you – based on intended product strength – that can provide a significant return on your investment.

Why Choose Oil Well to Supply CBD for Shisha in Houston?

You won’t find another CBD company that offers the combination of superior products, excellent customer service, and incredibly fair prices. We offer the best value and provide the purest, most potent CBD products because we’re so passionate about this business and want everyone to experience the benefits of CBD.

All of our third-party lab-tested products have current batch-level certificates of analysis (COAs) and are always labeled/shipped compliantly and discretely.

We see cannabis/CBD as life-changing, and we want to promote its use far and wide. Whether you are already marketing a brand and need top-quality products or you want to create a new brand with our help, OilWell CBD is rooting for your success. Challenge us to help execute your vision!

And if you’re in the Houston area, we want to meet you. We enjoy talking to people who are as devoted as we are to the CBD cause, and we’re eager to share exactly how we can empower you.

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