CBD for Hookah / Shisha

CBD for hookah shisha

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about different custom/personalized white-label CBD products that people want to create, especially from other Houston, TX and Katy, TX business-owners.  One of these CBD products is shisha for hookah lounges, strip clubs, night clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

The good news is that it’s extremely easy to use CBD for shisha and one of the best parts of this is that you don’t have to alter the taste, smell, or experience of your tobacco product.

In our experience, it was a hugely pleasurable experience adding approximately 200mg of CBD Isolate to a hookah shisha and this has a very pleasant effect that carried through an entire “bowl” of shisha for the 4 people that were sitting at the table at the time.

I’m not, personally, an avid shisha smoker.  I do enjoy it but I just don’t really smoke tobacco.

The owner of the location we visited confirmed that he was a heavy CBD user, previously, and that his main concern was altering his product’s integrity.

After smoking, he confirmed that he felt the calming and centering effects of the CBD Isolate that we’d put into the shisha and that he was happy that there was no alteration in the smoking experience.

We took it a step further and offered a white-label wholesale CBD solution for his business where, even though the combination of our product with his had a very lengthy shelf-life, that we might want to rotate product and offer his customers a take-home product so that they could enjoy the experience of the CBD-infused shisha at home, as well.  This was to involve custom labels, designed by us, as well as some elegant packaging for the product so that the brand carried its integrity at all times.

The molasses used, along with the tobacco, is a naturally great emulsifier/carrier for the CBD infusion.

We, actually, have a great financial break-down for the product cost/profit model in a couple of different formats, based on intended product-strength and this is a very profitable offering with a huge return on investment.  Definitely feel free to contact us if you would like details.

As the owner’s location offered food, liquor beverages, coffee, desserts, etc., we also created a continuance for the use of the CBD Isolate throughout the rest of their product-lines, to include our water-soluble CBD, nano-CBD, and CBD Isolate so that, when they ordered larger amounts to take advantage of steep savings curves at the bulk-volume, they were able to increase their overall profitability by creating some delicious and exotic results, food and beverage-wise, with the CBD products.

Our customers have, in common, a huge eye for detail in quality and experience.  Also, in common, is the fact that cannabis/CBD is an exciting rejuvenator for even the most modern/active brands.  Customers want it, it gives businesses something to reinvigorate their customers’ interest on Social Media, etc., and is an important thing to be a part of, especially when most of their competitors are also considering being a part of this beautiful time in our history, especially in Houston, TX.