WordPress eCommerce Web Design for CBD Companies

WordPress CBD E-Commerce Web Design

Houston WordPress eCommerce Web Design for CBD Companies

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, a responsive, functional, and visually appealing website is absolutely crucial to business growth. Due to the rise of small businesses going online, website development has evolved. With the right team of web design professionals, you can achieve a website that performs at maximum potential. Advanced web design professionals are able to create beautiful websites that include features like email contact forms, lead generation elements, and the ability to accept payments online. 

An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide do their shopping online. The ability to purchase goods and services online has allowed small businesses to skyrocket in terms of revenue.

One of the most valuable types of website design platforms on the market is WordPress built eCommerce websites. The web design professionals at Oil Well CBD have mastered the design and technical skills necessary to produce high-functioning, fast, beautiful WordPress eCommerce websites for CBD companies.   

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular way of achieving a mobile-friendly, fast website design online. In fact, 37.6% of all websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is an open-sourced content management system, which means that the WordPress software can be edited or modified by anyone for free. A content management system is a tool that allows you to control and manage important parts of your website, like content updates and blog posts, without having extensive programming knowledge and skills. 

This allows you as the business owner to create new fresh content on your website and update information like contact info if it changes. Oil Well CBD experienced WordPress web designers will create a beautiful, mobile responsive website for your business and show you the tools on how to remain relevant to search engines by posting new content through a blog feature. You have control over the content of your website and the ability to connect with potential consumers in a whole new way with a WordPress built site. 

What is a WordPress eCommerce Website?

In order to understand what a WordPress built eCommerce site is, we must first understand precisely what eCommerce is. An eCommerce website allows a business to perform entirely online, eliminating the need for a team of salespeople or managerial staff. This process is automated, which is what makes it more valuable for those who are looking to get started processing orders online and expanding their business.  

The whole buying process takes place on an eCommerce website. Potential consumers will be able to look at your inventory, which includes photos and detailed descriptions, read reviews from other buyers, and order and pay for their products. A WordPress built eCommerce site is a website built on WordPress that integrates with your eCommerce products. 

With the experts at Oil Well, you’ll get a unique, professionally designed website with premium functionality where you have control of the content and data.

Why Do I Need a WordPress eCommerce Website?

 A WordPress eCommerce website is an essential tool for those in the cannabis or CBD industry. This tool can help your business grow and, in turn, increase your opportunities for revenue generation. There are a lot of consumers today that prefer to do their shopping online. A WordPress eCommerce website is the solution to getting the online portion of your business moving. 

Make Money Online While You Sleep

One of the most significant benefits of having a WordPress eCommerce website specially designed by an Oil Well CBD web designer is that you literally can make money while you sleep. Because eCommerce websites are designed specifically to show your products and provide a seamless checkout process, you can make money any time of day or night. You’ll receive an automatic notification that an order has been made, and you can ship out your products to your new customer. 

Control your Content

While WordPress allows you to control all aspects of your content from webpage content to blog posts, an added benefit is that you are able to control facets of your website like the price of your inventory. The web design team at Oil Well CBD will review the WordPress dashboard with you and guide you on making easy changes to your website and catalog on your own. You have complete control of the content on your website and can modify it as you see fit. 

WordPress and eCommerce Analytics

With a WordPress eCommerce website, you’ll have access to the WordPress analytics dashboard. This allows you to see consumer behavior and trends. For example, how many times someone visited a specific page on your website or how long an online user stayed on your site before exiting. Essential data and information like this can help you tremendously when it comes to marketing and promoting your products or services. You will already have an idea of what the public enjoys by studying the analytics and behaviors from actual customers. 

Oil Well CBD SEO & Website Design for CBD Companies

Oil Well CBD team members are composed of professionals of all types of fields. We have spent decades developing the most effective techniques and methods to keep CBD companies and other business websites running well and at the top of search engines page rankings (SERPs). Our team of website designers and SEO specialists have the ability to turn your website and online presence into a powerful marketing tool. 

This is done through working one-to-one with you, the business owner, to achieve your goals and guide you through the process of using online tools to grow your business. The Oil Well team is confident that you’ll reach your ideal level of success when using the tools and resources that are specifically designed for you and your business.  

Website Evaluation and Examination

Before we can get started on helping you reach more potential consumers, we first need to know more about you, your business, your ideal clientele, and your current website and online efforts. Oil Well web design professionals specializing in WordPress eCommerce web design for CBD companies will dive right into your existing website and online presence to help see where they can maximize your return on investment. Not only are our web professionals considered among the best in the industry, our team has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the cannabis and CBD industry and will go through the entire backend of your website to deliver a comprehensive evaluation. 

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for CBD Companies

Throughout the years, popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have tailored their algorithms to place the most reputable websites at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). In order to rank higher than your competition on SERPs, a website must be designed and built correctly. Search engines use factors such as page load time, fresh page content, and whether a site is mobile responsive to conclude their results. 

The web designers and SEO experts at Oil Well CBD work together to make sure that your website functions great, runs fast, and ranks higher than your competitors on SERPs. This team of experienced individuals knows what to look for and modify to allow your page to rank higher.  

Website designers and SEO specialists will build out your website to be recognized on search engines as credible and reputable web pages. 

Technical aspects of SEO that are done throughout the process of building a WordPress eCommerce website include: 

  • Testing the website and webpage speed and adjusting to make it run faster if needed
  • Writing blog articles on relevant content to get you started on your online presence
  • Reporting and analytic tools to check the health of your site
  • Fixing any broken links or broken media content
  • Resolving any coding errors
  • Providing internal and outbound links for use on your website
  • Linking to related content that includes your most essential keywords
  • Including sitemaps and indexing
  • Links to social media pages and profiles 
  • Optimizing headers, page titles, and tags for specific keywords and phrases

These are all crucial components to a website that performs well and ranks high on SERPs. Oil Well CBD web designers and SEO specialists will make sure that your site is performing to the highest standards and meet search engine guidelines, giving your website and business the best opportunity to achieve success. You can learn more in-depth information on our SEO services here. 

An expertly built WordPress eCommerce website can send your business soaring. With a dedicated and passionate team of web designers and SEO specialists from Oil Well, you will have the chance to get ahead of your competition and make money while you sleep. If you’re searching to grow your business, we can say with confidence that your return on investment will be substantial if you utilize the tools and resources of having a well-engineered WordPress eCommerce web design for your CBD company.