We’re very happy to announce that, after months (even years) of hard work, we’ve been approved by Authorize.Net for Credit Card payments through our website!

If you’ve ever just been a regular business, you know that it can be difficult to be able to accept credit cards on your website.  Whether it’s the technical integration, underwriting, products, credit score, years in business, processing history, making enough money, your business type, or even the length of your dog’s tail (joke), there’s always some reason why it can take months and pages and pages and pages of forms and history to take a payment on your website.

It hasn’t been any different for us.  It’s been quite difficult, especially since we push the ticket when it comes to bringing our customers new ways to enjoy Farm-Bill-Compliant Cannabis products.

We’re so happy that we just got approved by Authorize.Net, with some help from our bank!

Historically, our background is in Cannabis and tech, specifically Web development, marketing, and design.  Even working with non-Cannabis companies, when we’d design their website, it was terribly difficult to find a real processor.  Never did we think that Authorize.Net would accept us, but they did!  That, itself, is a HUGE testament to the high quality of our products.

That being said, not only is it cool that we can take credit card payments for our products but we can, now, also facilitate credit card processing for companies like ours, especially those that we White-Label/Private-Label for.  Trust me when I say that we’ve, now, been through it all.  If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have, as well.

Feel free to shop our website, 24/7, as well as let us know if you need some help taking credit cards for your Cannabis/CBD company.

Thank you so much, sincerely, for your continued business and support!