Houston Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, and Grocery Stores Selling CBD Products, Partner with OilWell CBD to Better Service Houston and Surrounding Areas!

No matter whether you are a Convenience Store, Gas Station, or Small & Large Grocery store around Houston or surrounding Houston areas, whether you know it or not, you are one of the most important pieces in our country’s supply-chain, especially during this Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

  • You’re allowed to stay open
  • You’re one of the most essential business-types
  • You have some of the largest daily foot-traffic of any type of business
  • You have, in many cases, 24/7 hours of operation
  • Your visibility is second to none
  • Your products have brand-trust between your locations, both for your products and service as well as the products you carry
  • Many people look to you for relief in the forms of convenient health-care supplies such as medicines, vitamin supplements, refreshments, skin-care products, etc.

Currently, legal cannabis, mostly in the form of CBD, is one of the most needed products and we want to work with you to make sure people have as much access to it as possible, any time they need it.

If you’re here, reading this, you are probably one of these types of stores, someone that wants to ask, “is gas-station CBD safe and effective?”, or you’re just interested in the business and this topic resonated with you.

OilWell CBD manufactures and distributes the following types of 100% Federally Compliant, 100% legal, and THC-products, as well as many others.  OilWell has a history of powering many independent brands in different formats, including distribution, private-labeling, white-labeling, joint ventures, wholesale CBD, etc.  In general, people search for our name, specifically, because we’re a name that they began trusting, based on our proven quality, at business-types such as Chiropractors’ offices, other Medical Practices, Grocery Stores, Fine Salons, Massage Therapy Studios, and even in other CBD shops!

Our most popular CBD products for gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores include, but are not limited to:

  • Topicals such as salves, lotions, and balms, for pain and discomfort relief of skin, muscles, joints, and other very specific medical conditions.
  • Sublingual CBD oil tinctures
  • Platinum-grade and hand-trimmed CBD flower in pre-rolls, batons, and packaged hemp/CBD flower for smoking.
  • CBD Juul pods
  • CBD Vape cartridges
  • CBD gummies

None of our products will get you high.  They all contain less than 0.3% THC and, generally, are at “near undetectable” levels if there is any THC, at all.

  • All of our products come QR coded so that people can verify our products’ contents and they come individually UPC coded and ready for sale.
  • We can deliver to your locations daily and we ship Nationwide.
  • All of our products are grown, manufactured, processed, and distributed in the USA.  We’re headquartered in Houston, TX, actually.

Contact us, today, to learn more about out how we can power-up your Houston and surrounding area convenience store, gas station, and grocery store!