Houston, Texas Cannabis/420 “Weed Parties”, Event-Planning & Supplies, Party-Planning & Supplies, and Cannabis Catering. Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and More!

Houston, Texas Cannabis Event-Planning & Supplies, Party-Planning & Supplies, and Catering.


Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and More!

Houston, have you ever been hanging out and wished someone would just make the whole thing better with weed?  Tired of the typical events with JUST liquor or JUST BBQ, etc.?  Look no further than the party-people at OilWell Cannabis of Houston, Texas!  No, we do not provide “real weed”, AKA “cool guy weed” but we have a LOT of great things and can create things we DON’T have to make your small or large gathering a “hit”!For ourselves, we’ve hosted some really exciting events.  We’ve brought celebrity friends and entertainers, chefs, models, bud-tenders, DJs, hosted smoke-outs, infused brunches, and many more great ideas (even exotic entertainers).

How does Cannabis-Infused Event-Planning Work?

  • We have Delta-9 THC edibles and smokeables that are available.
  • We have Delta-8 THC edibles and smokeables that are available.
  • We can personalize the packaging of any of our products to commemorate your event.
  • We can work with chefs, bakers, bar-tenders, or even YOU to infuse drinks, snacks, treats, and more.
  • We can arrange celebrity walk-throughs and visits.
  • We can hire DJs.
  • We can arrange venues.
  • We can put together goodie bags and other swag for the event.
  • We can promote it for you, if you’d like, and make it a large event.
  • We’re available for:
    • Tailgate parties.
    • Brunch
    • Desert parties
    • Birthday parties.
    • Corporate retreats.
    • Team-building.
    • Anniversaries.
    • General debauchery.
    • Just parties.
    • After-hours events.
    • Art gallery events.
    • Pet parties.
    • Bachelor parties.
    • Bachelorette parties.
    • Divorce parties.
    • Small, intimate, and romantic events.
    • Thanksgiving
    • New Years
    • Religious events
    • Spiritual events
    • Office events
    • Cookouts and BBQs
    • Vegan events
    • Girls’ night out
    • Guys’ night out
    • New Years’
    • Halloween (Halloweed?)
    • Weed poker games
    • Card games
    • 420 parties!
    • Just wanna get chooched with the homies?
  • Enjoy some of our most popular creations with your attendees!
    • THC and CBD Shisha
    • THC and CBD Gummies and Other Edibles
    • THC and CBD Pre-Rolled Joints and Blunts

How Does a Legal Houston Cannabis/420 Party Work?

  1. Start by calling, visiting, or emailing or with any ideas you might have for your Cannabis event.
  2. Please note that we are 420-friendly but we do not sell or provide WEED.  Our Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC products are JUST AS EFFECTIVE as a Cannabis user would expect.  It’s just legal Cannabis and not “weed”.
  3. What we need to know:
    1. How many people?
    2. Is anyone worried about drug tests?
    3. Is anyone sensitive to any Cannabinoids?
    4. Anyone under 21?
    5. Where will it be held?
    6. Any general ideas, themes, or interests for the event?
    7. Budget?
    8. Allergies?
    9. Religious issues?
    10. Adult-themed?
    11. Date and requirements?
    12. What types of Cannabinoids are you interested in trying?
      1. CBD
      2. Delta-8 THC
      3. Delta-9 THC
      4. THCO
      5. HHC
      6. CBG
      7. CBN

Are you a party planner, caterer, or event planner?  We have no problem lurking in the dark, silently.  We’re not trying to steal your shine.  Let us know and let’s work together!