OilWell Cannabis Expands to Gun Barrel City!

🎉 Exciting News! 🎉

OilWell Cannabis, a trusted name in Houston’s cannabis scene, is thrilled to announce that our premium cannabis products are now available at The Great American Package Store in Gun Barrel City, Texas! This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to bring high-quality, lab-tested cannabis products to more communities in Texas.

About OilWell Cannabis

OilWell Cannabis was founded by Colin Valencia, driven by a personal journey of discovering the benefits of cannabinoids for his dog, Bentley. This experience inspired Colin to bring the healing potential of cannabinoids to a broader audience. Based in Houston’s vibrant Montrose district, we offer a wide range of products, including CBD, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and THCa, all compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Our Commitment: Quality and compliance are our top priorities. We source organic, vegan ingredients and ensure our products are lab-tested for safety and potency. From edibles and vapes to concentrates and flower, we provide an array of options to meet diverse needs.

The Great American Package Store

The Great American Package Store is a staple in Gun Barrel City, Texas, located at 445 N Gun Barrel Ln. This renowned store is famous not just for its extensive selection of beverages but also for its unique place in local history. The store is known for its “Willie for President” campaign, a quirky and beloved local initiative inspired by the legendary Willie Nelson, which has become a part of Gun Barrel City’s cultural fabric.

Gun Barrel City itself is steeped in history, named after the “Gun Barrel” highway leading into town, symbolizing the city’s motto: “We Shoot Straight With You.” This ethos of honesty and community spirit aligns perfectly with OilWell Cannabis’s values of transparency and quality.

Products Available

We are proud to offer a variety of our premium products at The Great American Package Store:

  • Delta-9 THC Gummies 🍬
  • Delta-8 THC Gummies 🍬
  • CBD Gummies 🍬
  • THCa Jarred Cannabis Flower 🌿
  • Pre-Rolled THCa Cannabis Blunts 🚬
  • Live Resin Crumble THCa Vape Carts 💨

These products are all manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring you get the best cannabis experience possible.

The Legality of THCa in Texas

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC are federally legal. This includes THCa products, which are non-psychoactive until heated, converting into THC. This legal nuance allows us to offer potent and enjoyable THCa products within the bounds of federal law.

Serving Surrounding Communities

Residents of Gun Barrel City and nearby areas such as Mabank, Seven Points, and Kemp can now access our premium products with ease. Our partnership with The Great American Package Store enhances the availability of high-quality cannabis for the broader East Texas region.

Expanding Our Reach

We understand the importance of making our products accessible to as many people as possible. For those in nearby towns, here are some easy ways to find us:

  • Mabank: Located just 10 minutes northwest of Gun Barrel City, take TX-198 S to N Gun Barrel Ln, and you’ll find The Great American Package Store on your left. Residents of Mabank can enjoy a short and scenic drive, making it convenient to stock up on their favorite OilWell Cannabis products.
  • Seven Points: Head southeast on TX-334 E for about 7 minutes, continue onto Main St, and turn left onto N Gun Barrel Ln. The store will be on your right. This quick trip ensures that residents of Seven Points have easy access to our premium cannabis products without the hassle of a long drive.
  • Kemp: From Kemp, take TX-274 S to Seven Points, then TX-334 E towards Gun Barrel City. Follow the signs to N Gun Barrel Ln, and the store is conveniently located on your right. Kemp residents can now easily explore our range of products, making wellness and relaxation just a short drive away.

Discover the Benefits of Shopping Locally

Our expansion to Gun Barrel City not only serves the immediate community but also benefits the surrounding areas by providing a trusted source of high-quality cannabis products. By shopping locally, you support both OilWell Cannabis and The Great American Package Store, contributing to the economic growth of your community. Additionally, local shopping reduces the carbon footprint associated with longer transportation routes, promoting a more sustainable environment.

Accessibility and Convenience

We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience. Our strategic location in Gun Barrel City, coupled with clear directions from neighboring towns, makes it simple for you to visit us. Whether you are looking for Delta-9 THC Gummies, CBD products, or our renowned THCa Flower, we have you covered.

Why Choose OilWell Cannabis?

  • Lab-Tested Quality: All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards for potency and safety.
  • Farm Bill Compliant: Our products are fully compliant with federal regulations, giving you peace of mind.
  • Wide Range of Products: From edibles to vapes, we offer a variety of products to suit your preferences.
  • Community Commitment: We are proud to be part of the Houston community and are excited to extend our reach to Gun Barrel City.

Explore the Region

Gun Barrel City is more than just a gateway to our products; it’s a hub for the surrounding communities. Whether you’re coming from the serene waters of Cedar Creek Lake, the charming streets of Mabank, or the bustling small-town feel of Kemp, our store is easily accessible. Plan a visit, enjoy the drive, and discover why OilWell Cannabis is the preferred choice for premium cannabis products in East Texas.

Visit The Great American Package Store Today!

We invite you to visit The Great American Package Store in Gun Barrel City to explore our range of products. Experience the quality and efficacy of OilWell Cannabis, and join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter. Whether you are in Gun Barrel City or the surrounding areas, our premium cannabis products are now within your reach.

Location: 445 N Gun Barrel Ln, Gun Barrel City, TX 75156

For more information about our products and their availability, visit our OilWell Cannabis website or stop by The Great American Package Store.

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Great American Package Store: Legal Cannabis Dispensary in Gun Barrel City, TX

445 N Gun Barrel Ln
Gun Barrel City,, TX 75156
United States (US)
Phone: (903) 887-8543
Email: GAPS.GBC@gmail.com
URL: https://greatamericanpackagestore.com/
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