We’ve got a BUNCH of new Indoor THCa Flower strains in stock at our NEW main location in the Montrose area of Houston, Texas!

Indoor THCa Flower is as good and as legal and authentic as it gets, right now.  In addition to the other 4 THCa flower strains we have, listed on our site and at our Dispensary, we’re happy to share the following NEW strains with you!

As with anything else, we rotate these strains, but our growers focus, primarily, on the strains we have listed on our site, so you can always find, at least, one of these THCa flower options, both online and in-store.

As THCa flower, especially in Houston, Texas, gains in popularity, we’re proud to be able to share it!  It’s in high demand, so, please, if you know you need one strain, for various reasons, over another strain, please call or email us to see if it’s in stock.  We can ALWAYS do a wholesale order for you and guarantee a strain and even offer some strains that we might have a small batch of, that aren’t on the website, but we have two consistent growers that we source from, constantly, and you will be able to count on these being available, in some capacity!

Come visit us at our NEW location in Montrose!

We’re located at:

810 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

Don’t forget, we offer many of our THCa products, as well as our other great lines of products, at our Vending Machines and do same-day delivery, all around Houston and surrounding!

New Indoor THCa Flower Strains and COAs:

Gary Payton Indoor THCa Flower

Gelato Indoor THCa Flower

Ice Cream Cookies Indoor THCa Flower

Tropical Cookies Indoor THCa Flower

Kush Mintz Indoor THCa Flower

Triple Scoop Ice Cream Indoor THCa Flower

Cherry OG Indoor THCa Flower