Partner with OilWell Cannabis of Houston, Texas

Partner with OilWell Cannabis of Houston, Texas

Let OilWell Cannabis Drive Customers to Your Business!

OilWell Cannabis has been a hugely positive fixture in the Cannabis Industry for years, now.  We’re known for creating some of the finest Farm-Bill Compliant Cannabis products that humans and their furry friends can enjoy!

  • We know what people enjoy.
  • We know how different Cannabis ingredients really work and interact with each other, as well as other all-natural ingredients, so people and pets really feel better when they use our creations.
  • We are experts in both National/International online marketing & sales and local retail marketing & sales.
  • People really search for the OilWell CBD/OilWell Cannabis brand and are drawn to locations that carry our products because we’re known for our ultra-high quality and honesty in the industry.
  • Add new horsepower to your business by being a part of the Legal Cannabis industry.
  • We have Federally-Legal solutions for all 50 States!

What Are We Looking for in Partners, currently?

  • Ideally, we are looking for multi-store brands that focus, greatly, on their City.
  • Loyalty:  we’re not looking to partner with companies that just want to carry any cheap brand under the Sun.  We will put the most push into stores that agree to exclusively offer OilWell products.
  • We are, currently, especially interested in partners in Texas – primarily Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen, Austin, El Paso, College Station, Fort Worth, and all surrounding areas, because we can be even more accessible, based on proximity.
  • We’d love to work with investors to launch more OilWell Flagship Stores around the rest of the United States!
  • You must have a physical store location and either existing knowledge or a drive & passion for Cannabis and a strong will to learn.
  • A current physical location or immediately in the process of doing so.

How Does an OilWell Partnership Work?

  1. Contact us to discuss your current location.
  2. We’ll evaluate the potential and discuss terms.
  3. You must carry at least a reasonable stock of OilWell Cannabis products.
    1. Delta-8 THC
    2. Delta-9 THC
    3. CBD
    4. CBG
    5. HHC
    6. THCO
    7. Delta-10 THC
    8. CBN
    9. CBC
  4. If you would like to add additional brands, we will only continue to support brands that either exclusively carry OilWell or offer OilWell and work with us to develop their own brand.
  5. You must be willing to add at least 1-2 beautiful and artistic OilWell CBD banners/signs to your business location, as well as at least some reasonable prime shelf-space or a slightly significant display for our products in a respectful manner.
  6. We’ll do the rest and work our magic that will, very quickly, have customers seeking your business out for our products.
  7. We’ll do our own marketing and positioning in prime areas where people will know you are an official OilWell location.
  8. We will keep you compliant and educated on all policies, new products, etc.
  9. You’ll, likely, want to take advantage of our expertise in top-sellers to be the most successful.
  10. You found us.  You came to our site.  You’re reading this.  This is proof that what we do works and we’ll make sure that you’re equally successful as long as you only carry our product or a Private-Label version of our products with your brand on it.
  11. If you just do your part, we’ll also offer exclusivity to you in your area and treat your store like our own.
  12. Need proof of our positioning and why working with us is a good idea?  Do a Google Search for some of the following:
    1. “wholesale cbd texas”
    2. “wholesale delta-8 thc texas”
    3. “private-label cbd texas”
    4. “private-label delta-8 thc texas”

We’re, actually, pretty easy-going people.  We just know what our brand and quality are worth and our customers want our products because they’re innovative, pure, potent, and effective!  Why carry a lesser or cheaper brand?

Contact us to get started, today!