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DELTA-8 COMET ROCKS! 7g Jars of Delta-8 THC Comet Rocks, COVERED with CBG! These Delta-8 THC Comet Rocks are one of our TOP-shelf products, among our full line of 100% top-shelf lineup.  We take top-shelf CBD flower, drown it in Delta-8 THC slab, infuse it with our select terpenes to make it loud and dank [...]

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1 Kilogram Water Soluble CBD Isolate NanoParticle Powder ~15% CBD:  ~150mg per gram Nano-particle water-soluble CBD CO2 extracted Non-GMO Pesticide & Herbicide Free THC Free

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Bulk CBD Isolate by the Kilogram (Kilo) Bulk CBD Isolate for Large-Scale Manufacturing  If your business is interested in mass-producing CBD products, you’re going to need a supplier that can reliably provide Bulk CBD Isolate. OilWell CBD supplies premium CBD Isolate by the kilo to innovative manufacturers and large corporations across a variety of [...]


CBD Isolate Most forms of CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. CBD isolate is a powerful form of cannabidiol that contains no THC. The CBD Isolate available at OilWell CBD is popular among people who want to see if CBD effectively provides relief for pain, anxiety, and other [...]