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We tend to brag about our Hemp CBD Flower,  Houston, but there’s a good reason why we do!

Because we work exclusively with one farm in Oregon, we have intimate knowledge about their growing practices and the strains they produce. They consistently produce the best hemp CBD flower and biomass and have been growing it for years. They have a long history of farming and have perfected the art of developing the purest, most potent, aromatic, and delicious flower we’ve ever tried.

It is essential to buy hemp CBD flower from a reputable and transparent source. At Oil Well, we pride ourselves on being the ‘real deal’ in the CBD industry. We have been at the forefront of the CBD industry since its inception, and continue to source and supply the highest quality, most sustainably produced CBD on the market.

The Importance of Responsible, Sustainable Agriculture in CBD

Sustainable agriculture is beneficial to our environment, public health, and the health of farmworkers and benefits farm owners long-term. But it’s also the best way to ensure a pure and potent CBD flower. When you eliminate pesticides and tainted soil, the end product is so much safer for the user.

Hemp plants grow well in all kinds of climates and different soil types, and since their growth rate is better when planted in tightly-spaced areas, farmers require less land. A faster growth rate also eliminates the need for fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides, and less water is necessary for growth.

So much is gained by eliminating toxic chemicals from the hemp growing process:

  • Hemp grows much better when the soil is naturally nourished and isn’t contaminated with common agrochemicals
  • Organically-enriched soil produces hardier crops and increased yields 
  • Consumers who rely on CBD for health-related concerns can be assured their CBD isn’t laced with toxins
  • Workers, consumers, and the surrounding communities are made safer when chemicals are eliminated
  • Farmers are better compensated when they use sustainable agricultural methods because they don’t need to rely on government subsidies; they require less labor and earn more profit.

The Oregon farm where we source our flower prides itself on using responsible and sustainable methods, and it’s remarkably clean – there are no issues with mold or pests. Take a look at the beautiful plants our farm produces. We carry between 8 and 10 strains consistently, all platinum grade and hand-trimmed. The strains we offer are reliably pure, potent, and delicious.

Why Are Millions of People Buying Hemp CBD Flower?

So many people have reported that using CBD has helped them manage pain, anxiety, stress, and sleep problems. Because CBD contains only a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3 percent), it’s safe to use and won’t get you high, which likely leads more people to be comfortable enough to give it a try, especially when they hear about their friends’ positive experiences. The World Health Organization states that CBD poses no risk for dependence or abuse, which helps to allay fears even further.

A 2020 study conducted by The Singlecare Team, backed by the Medical Review Board at the online pharmacy, found that the majority of people who use CBD are seeking pain relief and that others also use it as a sleep aid and for anxiety. How people used it depends, in large part, on their age. Those 65 and older are more likely to use it for pain management, while younger users (18-24) use CBD recreationally or to relieve anxiety.

Here’s how the study broke down CBD use:

  • 64% for pain
  • 49% for stress and anxiety
  • 42% for sleep issues
  • 27% for arthritis
  • 26% for depression
  • 21% for headaches, migraines
  • 12% for recreational use
  • 8% give it to their pets
  • 8% for other mental health conditions
  • 8% for problems with digestion
  • 6% for skincare problems
  • 5% for general health benefits
  • 2% for other unidentified reasons

Americans Are Open to Trying CBD Products

The SingleCare study went on to survey respondents about their interest in the various CBD formulations:

  • Gummies 28%
  • Oils/Tinctures/Drops 26%
  • Capsules or Tablets 18%
  • Topical Oil Sprays 18%
  • CBD-Infused Food 17%
  • Vaping Products 13%
  • Soap 12%
  • CBD-Infused Drinks (non-alcoholic) 11%
  • Bath Bombs, Bath Salts 9%
  • CBD-Infused Alcoholic Drinks 9%
  • Skin Care Products 8%
  • CBD Patches 8%
  • Other products 1%

People also use CBD to supplement their prescription medications. However, it’s important to consult with a medical doctor before incorporating CBD into your wellness plan, as there may be contraindications when using CBD with prescription meds. Please see our list that shows possible interactions.

How Correcting Misconceptions Can Increase the Market Potential For CBD

For those who haven’t yet tried CBD, it may be that they’re misinformed or confused about the products. 

  • About 26% of American think that CBD and marijuana are the same, and falsely believe CBD can get them high.
  • More than half (57%) of the study’s respondents were worried that CBD would show up on a drug test. That’s generally not true because of the very low percentage of THC in CBD products.
  • 47% are confused about government regulation. That’s understandable since each state can have its own rules.

Further education directed to these consumers may help to bring more customers into the CBD market.

Ordering Hemp CBD Flower Online From a Reputable Source: Questions to Ask

When you order CBD products online, you have to be careful that you’re using a reputable source. If your supplier isn’t above board, you could lose sales as a best-case scenario, and be in trouble with the law in the worst-case example.

We present the following advice knowing full well that we measure up to every standard. But in the spirit of complete transparency, we urge you to do your own research and compare OilWell CBD to other suppliers.

Does the Supplier Offer High-Quality, Uncontaminated Hemp-Derived CBD Flower?

Your supplier must be trusted to procure high-quality hemp that’s cultivated according to standards laid out in the USDA’s 2018 Farm Bill, and now overseen by the FDA. Be sure to ask questions about pesticides and the use of other harmful chemicals. The flowers may turn out to be beautiful, but any kind of toxin used to grow the plant could prove to be harmful to your customers. The best CBD products are grown using sustainable methods and do not include any chemicals during the cultivation process.

Is the Hemp Flower Lawfully Sourced?

The hemp manufacturer must be properly licensed, and the supplier should verify that. If not, your business could be in a world of trouble for selling an unlawful product. There’s no reason to take on the risk of possible criminal sanctions or to expose your investors, employees, or customers to potential violations. Ask the right questions upfront.

Is the CBD Flower Third-Party Lab-Tested?

Unless the product is third-party lab-tested and verified, you really don’t have any idea what you’re selling, which could be a huge risk for your business. Ask your supplier to share information about the results, and ensure the product does not contain more than the 0.3% THC limit mandated by federal law. You should also confirm that there are not any traces of metals, solvents, or other dangerous materials that could harm your customers.

Does the Supplier Have an Established Track Record?

It’s not that smaller, newer companies can’t be trusted, but there’s much less risk involved if you use a supplier that has a proven track record for supplying quality products and who has earned a good reputation among its customers. Ask for references, and do your research.

More Ways to Conduct Your Own Research About a CBD Flower Supplier

Once you’ve determined a supplier’s products are third-party lab tested, and you’re happy with the results, ask to try a sample. It’s easier to sell the product once you’ve seen it, smelled it, tasted it, and experienced it. Make a note of any side effects you feel. You’ll also want to compare the product against competitors to feel confident you’re signing with the supplier whose product best matches what you’re looking for.

Finally, schedule a trip to visit the supplier to see how the company conducts business. At Oil Well, we couldn’t agree more with this tip. We want you to stop by to see our product and to hear how we can best serve your needs. If you’re in the Houston area, give us a call and let us know when you expect to arrive. We look forward to meeting you!

Purchase Bulk CBD Flower to Save Money

Whether you choose to buy our CBD flower, our CBD Pre-Rolls, or CBD ingredients to make your own products, you can save money when you purchase in bulk. Save even more when you buy in larger quantities.

Why choose OilWell CBD as your bulk supplier? We’re discriminating buyers and are very selective about who we want to work with as partners and providers. We don’t like surprises, and neither should you! You want a reliable, consistent, quality product, and we are ready to deliver that to you.

We have such good relationships with our suppliers that we can source bulk CBD ingredients at various volume levels and formulations. We’ll even work with you to custom-infuse or custom-formulate finished products.

Purchase Bulk Hemp CBD Flower to Start Your Own Brand

Have you given any thought to creating your own brand but thought it would be too difficult or too much of a headache?

While it’s not easy – and we made several stumbles along the way – we’ve accumulated the knowledge to help you get started and become successful. You can purchase our products in bulk, and we’ll support your efforts to develop your brand. Here’s just some of what our turnkey Cannabis/CBD Business Starter Kit includes:

  • Expert advice to help you decide which of our products will work best for your business goals
  • Recommendations for logo design, labels, business cards, packaging
  • Help setting up a website build on the WordPress platform, and arranging to you to conduct commerce on your site
  • Help building up your supply channels and getting SKUs
  • Industry data and research to help you make informed business decisions
  • Marketing and promotional expertise

There’s so much potential to be creative in this business. As you saw in the research above, people are open to trying CBD and are eager to find new ways to use it. We’d like to help you bring your innovative product ideas to life, and we can help you do that when you buy what we call our “ingredients” to use in your own recipes.

Along with bulk/wholesale hemp CBD flower, our other ingredients include:

  • Isolate (in kilos)
  • Distillate (in liters and kilos)
  • Broad Spectrum, full-spectrum, and custom extractions and formulations

Before, during, and even after you launch your brand/product, we will be available to support you with information about the latest products, research, and our experienced perspective on how to successfully market these awesome products. We’re always available to assist partners who approach the CBD business with the same kind of passion that we do.

And, of course, when you set up a white label or private label business with us, we’ll offer 

low-to-no-minimum orders at the best possible prices. 

Why Buy Hemp CBD Flower from Oil Well?

At OilWell CBD, we’re motivated to supply sustainably grown, meticulously harvested, high-quality, and federally compliant CBD. We believe in quality, science, and in the thousands of peer-reviewed studies supporting the benefits of CBD for wellness.

From smaller, personal-use orders to bulk CBD flower to wholesale, white-label, private-label, and smaller quantities for personal use, we can accommodate nearly any type of order. We can deliver directly to your doorstep, but if you’re in the Houston area, we’d love to meet you in person to discuss the incredible potential of this business.

But our incredible product aside, we want you to choose OilWell CBD because we know you’ll receive the ultimate in customer service. We’re so hyped about this industry that we want to spread the joy – and if we can help you do that, it will be well worth it to us.

CBD is our passion. If it’s yours, too, we’d love to hear from you. Contact a member of our team to find out why thousands of people choose Oil Well to source their CBD in Houston and across the country.