Same-Day Delivery of Legal Mushrooms (Shrooms) in Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas

At OilWell Cannabis, we prioritize delivering a diverse array of legal mushroom products to our customers in Houston and the neighboring regions, on the very same day you place your order. Our offerings range from the whimsical Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate Bars to the wellness-boosting mushroom extracts combined with THCa Diamonds in our unique vape cartridges.

Discover the Ease of Same-Day Mushroom Delivery in Houston!

Opt for our same-day delivery service in Houston to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Minimum Order Requirement: A minimum order value of $100.00 applies for delivery in Houston.
  2. Pre-Payment: All same-day deliveries require pre-payment, including any applicable delivery fees.
  3. Age Verification: Buyers must be 21 years or older to purchase legal mushroom products. A photo of your driver’s license or state ID sent via text will suffice for age verification.
  4. Contact Us for Delivery: Call us to coordinate your same-day delivery in Houston, verifying your location, payment details, and other essential information for a smooth delivery experience.
  5. Order Acceptance: We reserve the right to accept or decline any delivery order, ensuring the requested delivery window is viable and convenient for both parties.

Note: For same-day delivery in Houston, avoid merely placing an order online without contacting us for delivery confirmation. Ensure we have accurate details regarding your location and recipient for a safe and prompt delivery.

Tailored Delivery Details for Houston Locales

  • Inside The Loop: Contact us as you place an order for same-day delivery if you’re located within The Loop in Houston. Enjoy complimentary delivery for purchases totaling $150.00 or more. A $20.00 service fee applies for order values between $100.00 and $150.00.
  • Inside Beltway-8: Reach out for same-day delivery if you’re outside The Loop but within Beltway 8 in Houston. Free delivery is provided for purchases of $200.00 or more, with a $40.00 service fee for order values between $100.00 and $200.00.

Our Top Picks for Same-Day Mushroom Delivery

Indulge in the captivating assortment of mushroom products available for same-day delivery:

  • Polka Dot (Muscmiol) Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bars: Experience the tropical allure of Maui Coconut Twist or the fruity essence of Forbidden Fruit Loop​1​.
  • CAPS Magic Amanita + Delta-9 THC Nano Gummies: Available in Jungle Juice, Lemon Rosé, and Strawberry Dream, these gummies blend the wellness attributes of Amanita with the elevating effects of Delta-9 THC​1​.
  • Mushroom Extract + THCa Diamonds Disposable Vape Carts: Explore the synergy of Turkey Tail, Shiitake, or Reishi Mushroom Extracts paired with various strains of THCa Diamonds in a revolutionary vaping experience​1​.
  • Mushroom + Delta-9 THC Gummies: Discover the ultimate synergy in our Reishi & Delta-9 THC or Turkey Tail & Delta-9 THC gummies​1​.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies: Unlock the potential of your mind and body with the premier Lion’s Mane Mushroom Edibles, each gummy enriched with 500mg of high-quality Lion’s Mane Mushrooms​1​.

Each link directs you to the respective product page where you can learn more and make purchases. Contact us for any inquiries or to arrange your same-day mushroom delivery in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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