Houston Wholesale CBD and White-Label/Private-Label CBD, 100% American Made in the USA!

Oil Well CBD, headquartered in Houston, TX and Katy, TX has, verifiably, the highest quality CBD products.  Did you know that you can take advantage of our position in the market to power your own CBD business , add CBD to your existing product line, or create a completely new brand and formulation of cannabis/CBD products by working with the team at Oil Well CBD?

Oil Well CBD doesn’t work with just everyone, from our suppliers to our retailers/distributors, but when we find the right people, we empower them to share CBD, in their own way, with the world.  We rely on 3 farms and laboratories, 100% domestically, for medicinally-powerful, pure, and effective CBD products and certification results.

Of course, we understand that price is a huge consideration when choosing a wholesale vendor or someone to help you expand your product line and income sources to include the beautiful power of CBD and, with quality being our first priority, we challenge you to compare our prices, service, quality, and availability with your current source or other sources you’ve found through your own research.

We’re not trying to sell cheap product or give it away for free but we are high-up enough in the food-chain to likely have the best price, proportional to purity, to anything anyone else can offer you.

Wholesalers can count on huge savings on the best product on the market from Oil Well when they buy in bulk.  Need custom bottling, labeling, or formulation?  Not an issue.  Contact us any time to get a tailored solution to your needs.

Excited about possibly getting into the cannabis/CBD industry but don’t know where to start?  This is where we have the most fun!

Count on Oil Well CBD’s turnkey cannabis/CBD solutions for the following and more:

  • Identifying the best products for you and how you want to get involved
  • Providing solid industry data so that you can make the most informed choices
  • Providing you the best and most consistent source of cannabis/CBD, verifiably, in the industry
  • Creating new CBD products
  • Sourcing bulk raw materials, refined or crude
  • Creating your branding & corporate identity
  • Creating your packaging
  • Obtaining SKUs
  • Obtaining credit card processing and e-Check processing for CBD/high-risk at the best rates, based on your commercial financials and experience
  • Building out and executing supplying sales channels such as in-store retail sales and enterprise e-Commerce systems
  • Creating websites and landing-pages for your products
  • Marketing your product online and through Social Media

We have wonderful products, ourselves, but the world needs cannabis/CBD and we just love being a part of the industry.  You’ll love working with us!  Challenge us to meet your demand, to make your ideas a reality, and to help you get into the market to create your own brand and execute your vision!