About OilWell CBD of Houston, TX

OilWell CBD of Houston, TX is a company created first from compassion. We strive to help you to a safe, natural path to wellness. We believe in earning your trust through transparency, truth, and testing. We believe in sustainability, science, and progressive, forward-thinking.

Our Story

One day, our founder discovered his dog, Bentley, couldn’t lift himself up off of the floor. Each time he tried to get up, he yelped out in pain. After rushing him to the vet, numerous tests couldn’t determine what was wrong. All signs pointed to that it was time to say goodbye to Bentley. Our founder took off work to spend the next several days with Bentley, in an effort to make his final days happy and enjoyable. But when Bentley woke up screaming out in pain, didn’t eat or want to be pet, and had no movement in his hind legs, our founder knew his last days were closer than he thought. When Bentley was nearing his last day, our founder got a call from a friend who recommended golden paste (a turmeric-based substance use for inflammation) and CBD, as a last-ditch effort to save Bentley. Having never heard of CBD, our founder quickly did his research and obtained CBD and made the golden paste CBD mixture. After applying the mixture, Bentley’s symptoms began to decrease. His pained yelps happened less frequently. His appetite returned to normal, and slowly but surely, he regained his ability to stand – and one day, Bentley returned back to normal! Ultimately, the CBD oil saved Bentley’s life! His symptoms were alleviated and Bentley, to this day, is alive and well, and as healthy as he’s ever been.

None of this would have happened without CBD

Causes We Support

Each year, OilWell CBD dedicates countless dollars and hours with his work in animal rescue. From emergency animal transport to donating money to animal rehabilitation organizations, our founder maintains that above all else, compassion is what drives the good in the world. Our company was founded on the belief that in order to be successful, one must first realize that true success is being the voice for beings who are unable to speak on their own, human or otherwise. That’s why the team at OilWell CBD wholeheartedly believes in the work that we do. From humans to animals, providing natural, sustainable relief to those who are hurting is our mission.

Compassion continues to be, and will always be our core value.