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1500MG THCo SUBLINGUAL OIL + WEDDING CAKE TERPENES HEMP-DERIVED + FARM-BILL COMPLIANT PLEASE NOTE (WAIT 30-60 MIN FOR EFFECTS): BEGINNER: 1-2 DROPS UNDER THE TONGUE FOR 30-45 SECONDS ADVANCED: 4-8 DROPS UNDER THE TONGUE FOR 30-45 SECONDS Known as the “psychedelic cannabinoid,” THCo has borderline hallucinogenic effects. Research suggests it’s about three times stronger than [...]


1 Gram THCO Vape Cartridges THCO Vape Cartridge 900mg THCO Distillate + 10% Live Terpenes Premium Medical-Grade Vape Cartridge! Handmade in Small Batches! Several Different Terpene Options to Choose From! Platinum Girl Scout Cookies GMO Cookies Gelato Wedding Cake White Runtz Green Crack Apple Jack Bubblegum OG Banana Kush Runtz Grape God XJ-13 WARNING: Do [...]