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Wholesale Delta-8 THC and Wholesale CBD Products by OilWell CBD and Delta-8 THC of Houston, Texas

OilWell CBD and Delta-8 THC of Houston, Texas specializes in creating great products and creating a productive and profitable environment for our partners, especially those that choose to stand behind the OilWell brand and carry our products under our brand name.  Our whole mission is to give good people an opportunity to live better lives through this beautiful thing and part of that is absolutely being more financially well.  When you wholesale OilWell products, you get a great product line and hugely sought-after brand name, OilWell Cannabis, as well as the benefit of our vast industry knowledge and regular collaborative marketing that we do to drive customers to your business to purchase our product.

We absolutely, also, offer Private-Label CBD and Private-Label Delta-8 THC services and have helped many visionaries launch their own Legal Cannabis Start-Ups, as well as continue to create further great brands and provide their product-lines, labeling, etc., and would love to work with you to build your own brand, but wholesaling our CBD and Delta-8 THC products is a great way to add horsepower to your existing business, get more involved in the Legal Cannabis Industry, and get a feel for what it’s like to work with OilWell Cannabis.

Why Wholesale OilWell CBD and Delta-8 THC Products?

We’re not the cheapest, nor ever the most expensive.  We are, however, the least restrictive in important areas such as low order minimums, while constantly evolving and offering the most forward-thinking set of products that work the way they’re supposed to and are always made of the best components.  Quality and potency is our sales point.

One of our most searched terms, online, is our brand-name, itself.  Then, at only a very close second place to that, people find us online and on Social Media for the types of products we create.  Translated, people are finding us because they’re searching for, “OilWell CBD” and, “OilWell Delta-8 THC” as much as people are searching for, “wholesale CBD Houston Texas” or “wholesale Delta-8 THC Houston, Texas”, just as a fan of “Adidas” with huge buyer-intent and brand-loyalty searches for, “shoes”.  Why would you want to carry anything less than the best or not offer the product and brand people are looking for?

With a huge following across our Social Media Networks, real News and Media outlets such as ABC News, and many other such public-facing third-party platforms, our loyal customers are always interacting with us and looking to find new places that carry our creations.  You won’t find us on corny paid review sites or “influencer” traps.  You’re probably here, yourself, because you’ve found us and gained interest in us by one of these channels and your customers, looking for our products, do, also.

There are MANY reasons to wholesale CBD and Delta-8 THC products by OilWell Cannabis.  We’d love to share them all if you need more.  Give us a shout and we’d be proud to discuss!

Wholesale CBD and Wholesale Delta-8 Is Easy with OilWell Cannabis of Houston, Texas!

Located in and specializing in our hometown of Houston, Texas, we proudly serve customers from all over Texas, as well as across the country!  If you’re located in Houston or around Texas, especially, it’s very easy for us to interface with you, face to face, very effectively, but our products are extremely stable and we ship them all over.  Regardless of your location, call or email us to discuss the products you’re most interested in wholesaling, review our wholesale pricing sheet, decide on the quantities you’d like to have in stock, and pay for your products.  Wholesale orders can, often, even be delivered the same day if not within a few days, especially if you’re in the area, and depending on the size of your order.  We have extremely flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s), ranging from batches of 5 units to distributor-levels of 500 units or more.

We work with large established brands as well as entrepreneurs and small businesses, just like our own!

Call or email us, today, to discuss your options and get started wholesaling OilWell CBD and Delta-8 THC products, now!