3.5+ Gram Delta-8 THC Caviar Pre-Roll Blunt Delta-8 THC Concentrate + Terpene-Infused CBD Flower + CBG Kief Caviar Top-Shelf Hand-Rolled Hemp-Wrap Blunt This is the premier smoking experience! First, we take top-shelf CBD flower and wrap it with a delicious tobacco-free all-natural Hemp-wrap. Then, we take a paintbrush and hand-paint the entire blunt with Delta-8 [...]


This is OilWell CBD’s Privately-Formulated Flagship Topical Product! FULL-SPECTRUM VERSION:  1300mg Full-Spectrum Extra Strength CBD + CBG + Delta-8 THC Salve! THC-FREE VERSION:  OilWell Gold Standard All-Natural 800mg THC-Free Broad-Spectrum Extra Strength CBD Salve! This is the first in a line of CBD skincare products and tinctures that we are formulating ourselves, in-house. Made and [...]


5200mg Formula 121 – 1:1 Ratio 2500mg CBD + 2500mg Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC Ratio + 200mg CBG – 1oz (30ml) Our most POPULAR Formula!  Formula 121 (1:1) 30ml (1oz) Sublingual Oil. WARNING: Do not consume this product if pregnant. Consult a doctor before consuming this product. Do not operate machinery after consuming this product. Consuming [...]


Lovers’ Vegan Vanilla Bean Edible Massage Oil With Delta-8 THC, CBD, and CBG 2 Fluid Ounces


Ingredients Hemp Oil, containing not only CBD, but CBG, CBN, and CBDA Peanut Butter, Sorghum Flour, Egg, Fresh Fruit, CBD oil derived from Hemp plants CBD Content 4 mg of CBD per dog treat Approximately 25 treats per bag, 100 mg of CBD total Description OilWell CBD’s CBD Oil Peanut Butter Dog Treats are [...]


VEGAN Fire Chai Latte! Delta-8 THC + CBD + CBG Instant Chai Tea Latte Mix 5 Chai Tea Latte Tea Bags Per Container


CBG Isolate


CBG Isolate 10g CBG Isolate 20g CBG Isolate 50g CBG Isolate 100g CBG Isolate Greater than 99% Purity


50mg CBG Gummy Candy CBG Gummies – 50mg Each – 10 Pieces 500mg Per Jar