Hemp CBD Biomass 100,000-125,000 Pounds (lbs) with ~10% CBD Available!

CBD Hemp Biomass and Hemp Fibre Biomass from Our Portland Hemp Farm Available. 100,000 lbs - 125,000 lbs Available!

Hemp CBD Biomass: 100,000-125,000 Pounds With ~10% CBD Available! Our Colorado hemp CBD farm produces the most beautiful flowers. But after the flowers are cultivated, the seeds, stalks, and leaves are also an excellent source of CBD. Oil Well CBD has from 100,000 to 125,000 pounds of ~10% hand-shucked hemp available for purchase for use […]

Houston Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, and Grocery Stores Selling CBD Products, Partner with OilWell CBD to Better Service Houston and Surrounding Areas!

Houston Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, and Grocery Stores Selling CBD Products, Partner with OilWell CBD to Better Service Houston and Surrounding Areas! No matter whether you are a Convenience Store, Gas Station, or Small & Large Grocery store around Houston or surrounding Houston areas, whether you know it or not, you are one of the […]

Houston, Start Your Own Business. Work from Home During Coronavirus Covid-19 with Nationwide CBD Dropshipping!

CBD drop-shipping as a home business or side-hustle

Houston, Dropship CBD Products Nationwide and Work from Home! Protect yourself and your loved ones, financially, by starting your own CBD business. None of us are smarter, more successful, healthier, or safer, right now.  I don’t know anything anyone else doesn’t know, but I can tell you that people don’t need cannabis/CBD any less, right […]

CBD Home-Delivery in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas in Response the the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

CBD Home-Delivery in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas! Responding to Inquiries about CBD and Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) We’re citizens of Earth but we’ve always been especially pro-Houston.  If there’s a way to keep working with each other, we’re here to be of any assistance that we can. Currently, we’re all going through some stressful times.  […]

How I Got into the LEGAL Cannabis/CBD Industry and Why it Means So Much to Me

How I got into the legal Cannabis CBD Industry

What Cannabis Used to Be McAllen, Texas, 1997: During my last year of high school, on any given day,  I would hear the classroom door knock. The security officer from my high school would be standing outside with a pass for me to leave. It wasn’t the principal or my parents pulling me out of […]

Houston Turnkey Cannabis/CBD White-Label, Private-Label and Marketing for Cannabis/CBD Start-Ups

Bulk CBD Edibles and CBD Candy Formulation and Manufacturing by OilWell CBD of Houston, TX

CBD Startups: Getting Started With Your Own White-Label / Private-Label CBD Brand Has incredible growth in the CBD industry inspired you to dream about starting your own White-Label / Private-Label CBD company? Maybe you’re currently working as a wholesaler or distributor for someone else’s brand, and you’re ready to branch out on your own.  If […]

Houston Wholesale & Bulk Hemp CBD Flower & Wholesale Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls

Houston Wholesale and Bulk Hemp CBD Flower by the Pound lb

Where Can I Buy Bulk Hemp CBD Flower and Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls in Houston? We’re often asked if we sell hemp CBD flower by the pound and if it’s available in bulk. The answer to both questions is “yes!” Wholesale orders are sold by the pound, and you’ll accumulate more savings when you purchase larger […]

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

How Much CBD Should I give my Pet CBD for dogs

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet? Because studies on CBD are still being done, many veterinary clinics are not able to prescribe full-spectrum CBD in place of, or alongside, pharmaceutical medications. Because full-spectrum CBD is primarily considered a wellness supplement, dosing schedules and amounts are largely up to you, the pet owner. You […]

CBD for Hookah Shisha and Tobaccoless Hemp Flower CBD Shisha for Hookahs

CBD for hookah shisha

Tobaccoless Hemp CBD Hookah Shisha and CBD as a Hookah Shisha Additive! Many people are interested in creating their own innovative CBD offerings. Shisha is one example of a product that has been around for centuries but can be reinvigorated and made “new” by adding CBD. Shisha with CBD can revitalize your business in establishments […]