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Interest in CBD is skyrocketing and forecasters predict its upward trend to continue in the next few years. Now is the time to take advantage of this growing phenomenon and think about how you can incorporate CBD into your business. Many of our customers purchase our bulk CBD ingredients to create their own finished products, like tinctures, edibles, topicals, lotions, food and beverages, and pet products. But these are only  some of the ways you can give run-of-the-mill products new life. 

OilWell CBD is the Houston-area’s largest distributor of bulk CBD flower, and we can supply both big corporations and smaller companies with the bulk quantities they need to jump into this market or expand their current product lines. We offer the highest quality formulations at competitive prices, and we’re confident that we offer the best value for bulk CBD purchases.

Buying Bulk CBD for Innovative Product Opportunities

At the Food Marketing Institute’s Midwinter Conference in January 2020, Larry Levin, EVP Market & Shopper Intelligence at Chicago-based IRI, said, “The greatest opportunity for the industry today is to reap the benefits of legal cannabis.” He went on to say, “we have not seen this kind of disruption in our industry…ever.”

The potential for CBD is definitely there. It’s still not a mainstream product so the market is not yet saturated; there are plenty of new customers to go after as people become more educated about cannabidiol.

With research company BDS Analytics predicting the CBD market will reach $20 billion in sales by 2024 – up 49% from 2018 – it’s an exciting time to be involved with CBD.

Opportunities for New and Expanding CBD Markets

If you’re considering adding CBD to your current product-lineup or thinking about creating a new brand, there’s a lot to consider before you jump in. There are some regulatory challenges, and uncertainty about how the FDA will rule on specific issues, but as long as you’re attuned to legislative updates and are able to adapt, there’s seemingly unlimited potential to succeed in the CBD industry. 

CBD trends predicted for this and coming years include more pharmaceutical-grade products and those with increased potency, demand for cosmetics and skincare products that include CBD, a growing interest in food and beverage products infused with CBD, and a trend toward CBD products for pets and other animals. These are not the only sectors where growth is predicted, but these are good examples of how CBD is completely shaking up industries’ ideas about manufacturing and consumer demand

CBD in the Pharmaceutical Industry

It was only recently that pharmaceutical companies viewed cannabis as a threat to the industry. Pharma executives saw consumers’ positive response when they used CBD to manage their pain, and they were initially concerned these new products would compete with their brands. But legalization of hemp products and consumers openness to trying CBD formulations has made these companies do an about-face on CBD.

They’re particularly interested in finding alternatives to opioids, given the danger posed by the overuse and abuse of those drugs. With almost 191 million prescriptions written for opioids in 2017, the pharmaceutical industry sees there’s a huge potential for reaching people who desperately need pain management delivered in a safe way.

Major corporations, like Johnson & Johnson are slowly making their way into the industry. Their incubator in Toronto – JLABS – admitted a cannabinoid biotech research firm a few years ago. Other big companies, while they haven’t yet signed deals, have registered clinical trials in the U.S. and Canada. Some of these companies include Merck, Pfizer, and Sanofi. As for patents, Abbvie has applied for more of them than any other direct competitor.

A California-based pharmaceutical company is taking steps to not only include CBD in its formulations, but to innovate the way it’s delivered. CURE Pharmaceutical has developed an oral film technology that is already being used for dietary supplements, and will soon be available to treat erectile dysfunction. The company is now researching cannabis plant extracts and CBD for use with their film technology. The Chief Operations Officer at CURE, Jessica Rousset, believes that high doses of CBD delivered in easily dissolved film can give her company an edge in a sector that’s already expected to grow exponentially.

CBD in the Food and Beverage Industry

Market research firm, BDS Analytics, estimated that the CBD-infused food and beverage market could reach $5.9 billion by 2024. That figure includes dispensaries, which now comprise 62% of the market, but that share is expected to drop dramatically as retail and other outlets begin to carry more CBD-infused products.

The biggest obstacle to growth right now is the FDA, which continues to maintain its position that these products are not safe for human consumption. For this reason, food and beverage companies are proceeding cautiously, while still keeping a proverbial toe in the water. They expect the FDA to eventually soften, and when the FDA finally does approve avenues for entering the market, Fortune 500 companies are expected to quickly dive in.

Currently, some big manufacturers like Coca-Cola, deny that they have any interest in using CBD in their products, stating that they don’t think it’s a good fit. But they’ve been caught talking in circles on this topic, and there are rumors that the beverage giant is consulting with a Canadian cannabis company about developing a proprietary soft drink. Coca-Cola won’t confirm these rumors, but admit they’re closely monitoring newcomers to the industry, and are seriously thinking about developing a “functional wellness beverage.” It’s difficult to believe that Coca-Cola won’t jump in if the market shows signs of taking off.

The sports nutrition market is another area which could see huge growth. Major support is coming from big sports leagues and professional athletes, and that could influence large food and beverage companies to get on board with CBD-infused sports drinks and other nutritional products. It certainly helps to have celebrity endorsements when you’re marketing new products, and that could possibly persuade the companies to move forward with CBD-infused items.

Mondelez International is another big company that’s considering adding CBD to its product lineup.  Right now the company is treading carefully, and is keeping a close eye on moves made by the FDA, but there’s no question that the company wants to offer CBD snacks. They’re taking steps to add CBD to some of their cookie brands, including Chips Ahoy, Nilla Wafers, and Nutter Butter. 

CBD in the Beauty and Skincare Industry

Since beauty and skincare products generally aren’t ingested and don’t typically require a prescription, there are less regulatory hurdles to jump over when adding CBD to this industry sector. Products can be made widely available so that consumers would have easy access to them.

The beauty industry is already making note of the CBD trend in cosmetics and body treatments, and we’re seeing mostly smaller brands enter the market at this time. But it won’t be long before large manufacturers saturate the market. New York-based Jefferies Financial Group found that “CBD beauty” saw a 370% increase in searches in the beginning months of 2019, and they estimate that the CBD beauty sector could reach $25 billion within the next decade.

Giant beauty retailer, Sephora (owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) has launched a line of CBD products in its stores, and another big retailer – Ulta Beauty – is doing the same. Even luxury brands from companies such as Estee Lauder and L’oreal S.A. are beginning to introduce product lines that incorporate CBD. 

One of the largest consumer goods companies – Unilever – is also experimenting with CBD in some skincare products. They have made the first move with a natural deodorant brand, Schmidt’s Naturals, that’s popular with millennials and has parntered with Justin Bieber. Once again, celebrity connections and endorsements can really boost a product’s success among a valuable demographic target.

CBD in the Pet Care Industry

The Nielsen Corporation – in collaboration with legal cannabis industry data provider, Headset – released a report earlier this year that showed the enormous market potential for CBD pet products. Statistics show that:

  • 74% of CBD buyers have pets
  • Average price per pound of CBD dog treats is twice that of regular dog treats
  • There’s potential for growth, as only 24% of pet owners use CBD for themselves or their pets

As people begin to learn more about CBD and realize it’s natural and safe to use, they’ll likely be more open to using CBD-infused products to help their pets relax, to reduce pain, and treat ailments such as arthritis.

Even large animals, such as horses, can benefit from CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is currently being used to treat horses for arthritis, colic, gastric ulcers, skin conditions, and a number of other maladies.

Caveats for Selling and Marketing CBD Products 

CBD is no longer considered a federally controlled substance, due to the 2018 Farm Bill that removed it from the list. Once overseen by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the hemp industry is now regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.

But even though there’s some clarity as to the law – the rule that CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC – there are still a number of gray areas about what is okay and what could potentially be illegal. The best advice is to proceed with caution, and pay attention to the FDA’s signal that you cannot claim health benefits for the CBD products you sell. There are other areas of confusion regarding CBD-infused foods and beverages, as indicated earlier.

The most you can do while awaiting better guidance is to follow these steps when you start selling CBD products:

  • Educate yourself as much as possible about your product and how it is extracted, formulated, tested, etc.
  • Make sure your product is derived from hemp.
  • Be transparent about your product dosage and company terms on all packaging and written communications.
  • Keep a close eye on your state’s regulations and make sure your company adheres to those rules.

While everyone is waiting for the FDA to loosen up, the industry must still face obstacles in the ways CBD products can be marketed. It’s not just that you must be careful about how you promote your products, you won’t find it easy to find sales channels.

Currently, it’s not easy to sell CBD on Amazon or eBay, social media marketing isn’t an option, and paid ads may risk account suspensions. So how are you going to get your message out? The answer is SEO – search strategies that rely on commonly used keywords and phrases to draw online searchers to your website for useful information and relevant content. OilWell CBD can help you to get started with SEO. Another strategy is to retain current customers by setting up loyalty programs. You need to be creative when marketing CBD because traditional promotional and advertising approaches won’t work.

How to Be Competitive 

Because CBD has such great potential, you will undoubtedly face a lot of competition. The way to break through is to deliver a high-quality product that can be validated through third-party lab-testing. Keeping up-to-date on regulations, communicating well with your customers, and offering excellent customer service are also ways you can stand above the competition

Find the Right Products or Ingredients

This one is easy! OilWell CBD has the highest-quality, purest, and most potent CBD products available at competitive prices. Our bulk ingredients include:

  • Bulk CBD Flower (Hemp)
  • Bulk CBD Isolate
  • Bulk CBD DIstillate (Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum)
  • Bulk Water-Soluble CBD or Water-Soluble Nano Particle
  • Bulk Hemp CBD Biomass

All of our CBD formulations are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and are third-party lab-tested for potency. We can also verify that our products do not include solvents, pesticides,or heavy metals. Use these ingredients to make tinctures, topicals, dabs, capsules, edibles, pharmaceuticals, pet products, and more! We’ll gladly consult with you to determine which ingredients will work best for the products you want to create.

We Sell Only Top Quality, Farm Sourced CBD

At OilWell CBD, we focus on quality above all else, so we offer a limited number of products from a select group of providers. We try to work exclusively within our own vertically-integrated supply-chain, and our suppliers are established experts that grow the purest products available. We cultivate and extract in Colorado, and are able to source bulk CBD ingredients so that we can offer you the finest CBD at the most competitive prices. Our final formulation, production, and distribution takes place in California, but we’re able to serve the entire U.S. and the international market.

When you enter into this business, you must be careful about who you partner with. Trust is everything, especially since the stakes are so high. All of our products are third-party lab-tested, so we can back up every one of our product claims. 

We feel we stand above our competitors due to our commitment to source the highest quality CBD ingredients, our top-notch customer service, and our willingness to accommodate your specific needs. We always strive to bring the most value to our customers because we’re big believers in our products and in the industry as a whole. This isn’t just a business for us – it’s a way of life.

Why Purchase Bulk CBD in Houston from Oil Well

OilWell CBD is Houston’s largest distributor of bulk CBD flower (hemp). We work with only a select group of growers to bring you the purest, most potent CBD products available. Our CBD flower averages 20% CBD, is always well below the legal THC limit of 0.3%, and all of our products have current batch-level Certificates of Analysis (COAs). 

We supply both big companies and smaller start-ups, and we absolutely have the capacity to fulfill your bulk CBD needs. Top-notch production facilities allow us to supply huge quantities of the purest, highest-quality, third-party lab-tested CBD and we can ship nationwide as well as internationally. 

Our bulk CBD flower is sold by the pound and other bulk products are priced according to weight or quantity. The more you buy, the more you’ll save. 

Want to buy bulk CBD from Oil Well but not in Houston? Get in contact with us. We have the capabilities to ship nationwide and to some international retailers.

Get Started With OilWell CBD

Our team has been on the forefront of the CBD industry since its inception. We are passionate about CBD and the future of the industry as a whole. Please contact us with any questions you have; it is our mission to empower our customers to be successful.



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