CBD and Cancer, Houston

Research on possible benefits of CBD and Cancer by OilWell CBD of Houston, TX

Full-spectrum CBD supplements are starting to be used to help manage both cancer symptoms and the side effects of cancer treatment. While research is still being conducted, the anecdotal reports are promising. Chemotherapy can cause pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, symptoms which CBD has been reported to alleviate. While CBD has not been scientifically shown to be an effective treatment of cancer, people do use it as a way to manage some of the symptoms of the disease. CBD should not be considered a treatment option, but rather a supplement that you should discuss with your doctor. 

People of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, and gender identities can develop cancer. Cancer does not discriminate.

Some of the most common types of cancer are:

  • Breast (Affecting 12% of women – however, breast cancer affects men as well)
  • Lung (1 in 15 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime)
  • Prostate (Affecting 1 in 9 men – however, women can also develop prostate cancer)
  • Colorectal (Affecting 1 in 20 people)

According to cancer.gov, 38.4% of people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. While the survival rate is growing and more and more treatments are being developed to eradicate cancer from the body, there is no concrete ‘cure.’

CBD and Pain and Inflammation 

Cancer often causes pain due to inflammation and nerve injury, which can be worsened by chemotherapy. CBD has been reported to relieve some widespread pain caused by inflammation. 

CBD and Nausea 

Both cancer itself and its treatment options can cause mild to severe nausea. Research, as well as many anecdotal reports, say that CBD is a good option for combating feelings of nausea. 

CBD and Increasing Appetite 

Cancer and its treatment options can cause patients to have little to no appetite. CBD is often used to stimulate appetites, and because of its success, it is being researched as a treatment for eating disorders as well! 

CBD as a Sleep Aid

CBD is touted by many to be a gentle, effective sleep aid. Combined with its anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing properties, it may be a good option for those who can’t sleep due to cancer symptoms, or side effects from treatment. A well-rested body is a body that has better healing capabilities. 

CBD for Cancer Prevention

Research has been inconclusive on whether or not CBD has any effect on preventing cancer, with studies showing mixed results. Because these studies, though mixed, have shown promise, it is sometimes advised to supplement with CBD oil as part of an overall wellness plan. CBD should not be taken as a sole treatment for, or solely to prevent cancer. 

Why OilWell CBD CBD Oil

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This information on this page, including OilWell CBD product, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always speak with your doctor before starting a new wellness program, including the addition of CBD oil or any other supplement, into your wellness plan.