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OHM 3000mg 1oz (30ml) Evening / Nighttime Sublingual CBD Oil with Skywalker OG Terpenes The Dank and Potent Lovechild of Skywalker and OG Kush, Skywalker OG Terpenes leave the user relaxed, happy, positively elated, and are known to reduce chronic pain from both injuries and diseases. GREAT for those that suffer from pain, insomnia, extreme [...]


Shine 3000mg 1oz (30ml) Daytime Sublingual CBD Oil with Durban Poison Terpenes Take Shine when you need to be on top of your game, focused, and creative.  Take shine when you need to make moves and reach peak mental and emotional performance. Forget the “Paralysis Through Analysis” and any self-defeating energy that it’s too easy [...]


MOON 3000mg 1oz (30ml) Monthly Sublingual CBD Oil with Jillybean and AC/DC Terpenes for Women’s Menstrual Cycle Support MOON has been testing pretty amazingly with our users. This is a 3000mg tincture that comes in a 1oz (30ml) dropper bottle. We use terpenes from the Jillybean strain, a strain engineered FOR women BY women to [...]


Delicious, Terpene-Rich Solventless Hemp CBD Wax Dabs Hand-Pressed in Houston!  Less than 0.3% THC! We’re proud of our hand-pressed solventless CBD wax dabs!  We make them, ourselves, here in Houston.  We use some of the best names in solventless heat and pressure extractors to extract all of the 100% federally compliant and legal cannabinoids, including [...]


Ingredients of Tobaccoless CBD Hemp Flower Shisha: ~18% CBD Decarboxylated Premium Hand-Trimmed CBD Hemp Flower 99.99% Pure CBD Isolate Molasses Honey 99.99% Pure Vegetable Glycerine Cannabis Terpenes CONTACT US TO INQUIRE AS TO THE AVAILABLE SHISHA FLAVORS WE HAVE AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER! WE CAN SOURCE MOST ANY POPULAR FLAVORS AND ALWAYS HAVE [...]


We sell high CBD or CBG kief extracted from our premium hemp material by the ounce. Kief consists of broken off trichomes filtered through a mesh screen. All our Kief remains under 0.3% for Delta-9 THC and in terms of CBD, it is over 40% CBD or CBG. This is one AMAZING concentrated product, and [...]


Our pure CBD water-soluble formula is ~20% CBD and is water permeable so it properly stays suspended in water or an aqueous-based formula.


Water Soluble CBD Isolate NanoParticle Powder ~15% CBD:  ~150mg per gram Nano-particle water-soluble CBD CO2 extracted Non-GMO Pesticide & Herbicide Free THC Free


This is fully winterized, full refined hemp CBD distillate. All of our distillate is run through molecular distillation to ensure the cleanest and clearest products available. This is true FULL SPECTRUM distillate, meaning it also contains CBN, CBDV, etc. This is as good as it gets, perfect for product formulation.


1oz High CBD Hemp-Flower Kief Consumers of cannabis have long admired the crystalized glow that comes from some of the finest marijuana strains. The sparkle that shines from these cannabis flowers is a sticky residue called Kief, and it holds heavy concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief products like the High CBD Hemp-Flower Kief available [...]


1 Gram-15 Grams of CBG Isolate Greater than 99% Purity


This is OilWell CBD’s Privately-Formulated Flagship Topical Product! OilWell Gold Standard All-Natural 800mg THC-Free Broad-Spectrum Extra Strength CBD Salve! This is the first in a line of CBD skincare products and tinctures that we are formulating ourselves, in-house. Made and packaged in Houston, Texas. Our Gold Standard salve is an almond oil and beeswax-based topical [...]


Bulk CBD Isolate by the Kilogram (Kilo) Bulk CBD Isolate for Large-Scale Manufacturing  If your business is interested in mass-producing CBD products, you’re going to need a supplier that can reliably provide Bulk CBD Isolate. OilWell CBD supplies premium CBD Isolate by the kilo to innovative manufacturers and large corporations across a variety of [...]